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Triple Impact

triple impact

About The Product

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You may have heard of the menstrual cup, a fairly new alternative to tampons and pads. A cup is convenient, and is keeping an enormous amount of waste out of our landfills.

The AllMatters menstrual cup is made out of 100% medical- grade silicone, derived from the second most abundant mineral on our planet: quartz. The cup comes in a small recycled carton package and handy storage bag that is made from unbleached organic cotton. There is not much more one can do to shrink one's period(ical) footprint!

When wearing the right fitting menstrual cup, it is easy to literally forget about your period. You won't even notice that you're wearing anything to catch the flow! How often we had to step back into the shower to go clean the cup, after having forgotten about it completely during shower #1!

Tip: Our favourite way to handle periods with waste free period products: a menstrual cup 'backed up' by period underwear on the first, heavier days or overnight! No leak, no smell, no waste, no trouble!


impact on society

Like many other impact brands, Almatters aims to benefit both people and the environment.

Using a menstrual cup for two years can save up to 528 tampons worth of waste - that's roughly 30 kilos! And each cup can actually be used for much longer than that: up to 9-10 years. This way, AllMatters helps eliminate tons of waste from our landfills and oceans by providing a safe, convenient and reusable alternative to tampons and pads.

In fact, to this day, women switching to OrganiCup waste free period products collectively avoided over 369 Million disposable period products that all contain plastic and come wrapped in plastic packaging!

On top of waste-reduction, a silicone-grade menstrual cup can be a healthier and more convenient alternative for you. Did you know that most tampons contain quite some harsh chemicals? On top of that, they can be pretty disturbing to your natural flora 'down there' - as they are soaking up fluids, rather than just collecting them like an Almatters does. In addition, this method, when applied appropriately, is much less likely to leak that smell, compared to tampons and pads, and there might be a lesser risk of TSS as well.

To accomplish their mission of ending period poverty, the company has created and is part of several projects that aim to increase awareness and remove stigma around periods. Through their own programs, such as the Period Education Program, AllMatters has so far donated more than 15,000 cups in their 9 years of existence! The company has also partnered with the charity Freedom 4 Girls. The organization fights period poverty and lack of menstrual education in Kenya. Here, an astonishing 60% of females don't have access to sanitary protection. However, it is not only the access to sanitary products that are an issue, but also the lack of information and the stigma around periods. Girls all over the world are still being mocked and embarrassed for the most natural and life-bearing occurrence of menstruation, leading to a higher rate of missed days at schools and drop-out rate. Here is where Almatters' projects can have a long-term effect on the empowerment of young girls and equalize the playing field for all kids.

Short & Long Term Benefits