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Triple Impact

triple impact

About The Product

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Friendsheep sustainable wool dryer balls replace your traditional dryer sheets and fabric softener. They are made from pure organic New Zealand wool, are free of added chemicals, fragrances and are hypoallergenic.

Wool dryer balls also shorten your drying cycles by 20-40%, which is good for your wallet and the environment and will even reduce wrinkles and static cling.

Friendsheep products are handmade and needle felted by artisans in Nepal under ethical working conditions, rather than industrially mass-produced. The quality you receive means that they are made to last: 1000+ loads! 'Quality over quantity' is a crucial sustainability concept, and one you get with this brand.


impact on society

Friendsheep's products are convenient for you, and reduce stress on the environment. This is the win-win we're looking for! An estimated 180 Million chemical-infused dryer sheets and 1.8 Million bottles of fabric softener have been replaced with handmade dryer balls, so far. The eco-friendly swaps also saved thousands of hours of energy-intensive drying time.

The company's impact goes beyond their products though, by planting a tree for every product sold, and by donating generously. Not only is the brand part of the organisation 1% For the Planet, but it additionally gives around 20% of profit to NFP organisations. Friendsheep looks after their stakeholders throughout the supply chain. Wool is sourced from small, family owned businesses in New Zealand. The finished product is handmade in ethical working conditions by underprivileged women or people with disabilities in Kathmandu, Nepal. This way, a traditional handcraft is kept alive as well, honouring precious inter-generational wisdom we often forget to value enough.

Short & Long Term Benefits