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Triple Impact

triple impact

About The Product

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Meliora sells a range of EWG certified cleaning products. For example, their home cleaning products or laundry powder. The latter comes in 100% plastic free packaging, and includes a metal scoop. Free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, and brighteners, you can rest assured that no nasties are washing your clothes clean. You can also get a refill only that is packed in a paper bag. Another popular Meliora product that makes your whites shine like new is their oxygen brightener.

As promised, Meliora displays all ingredients transparently on their website. You can choose from unscented to scented options, however, all scents are made from certified organic essential oils only.

The laundry powder is Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and MADE SAFE Certified.


impact on society

Meliora is Latin for "better", and that is exactly what this company strives to be. To change for the better, every Meliora product must tick three crucial boxes. Namely, to work well as a cleaning agent, to be environmentally friendly, and to be people-friendly. We love it - it ticks the Hopskotch 'triple impact' concept perfectly. For you, for the planet, for people.

Did you know that there is no legal requirement in the US to display any ingredients on cleaning products? Meliora simply created their own standards: from laundry and home cleaning to bath and body soaps, every single ingredient is transparently listed on each packaging. The products contain no synthetic fragrances, dyes, optical brighteners, or preservatives. The main components are washing and baking soda, vegetable glycerin, sunflower and coconut oil, as well as essential oils.

Meliora sells MADE SAFE certified and EWG verified cleaning products, meaning you can rest assured that you are not harming people or your environment while cleaning your home. The Leaping Bunny seal signifies no animal testing. All products and packaging are single-use plastic free, while refills are offered for many of the products.

By partnering with 1% For the Planet and Women's Voices For The Earth, 2% of Meliora's annual revenue goes to environmental and charitable non for profits. The B Corporation certificate proves that Meliora is doing its best to merge positive social and environmental impact. It highlights strengths in company ownership and governance (woman-owned), labor practices (living wages), and the products themselves.

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