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Triple Impact

triple impact

About The Product

impact on consumers

When purchasing Nisolo products, you act in alignment with the principles 'quality over quantity', and 'less is more'. Their shoes and accessories are made to last for years. And - they look absolutely fabulous! The company makes no compromise and adjusts their margins to assure certified living wages and highest quality materials for an affordable price. The company uses recycled and upcycled materials and their leather tanneries are certified by the Leather Working Group, representing responsible leather sourcing.

The level of user satisfaction speaks for itself, with comfort and style being widely praised by their customer base. With many Nisolo shoes being waterproof and vegetable-tanned you can rest assured that you will be owning a stylish, versatile, durable piece of footwear that doesn't cost the Earth or producer's empowerment.

The shoes can be sent back to the company where they can be repurposed through their Shoe Reclamation Program.


impact on society

Nisolo is an inspiring impact brand par excellence. It goes a few 'extra miles', voluntarily seeking to create benefits for others through business.

A main focus is living wages. In the fashion industry, less than 2% of people making clothes earn a living wage, which is a human right. Greenwashing techniques like presenting irrelevant data makes most companies look much better than they actually are. For example, an 'average wage' can often include wages of both managers and factory workers, which represents a very inaccurate, blown up number to conscious consumers.

This is why Nisolo decided to transparently publish third-party certified reports on the lowest wages of any of their workers and why the company encourages consumers to demand this from all brands.

Nisolo is B certified, meaning the company is held accountable to always consider environmental and social wellbeing.

"The products we wear should not only look good but should enhance the lives of the people who made them, give back more to the planet than they take away, and make our lives a little more enjoyable. This is why we design great looking products that are comfortable, functional, and always made responsibly", is Nisolo's philosophy.

Together with ABLE and GoodOps, Nisolo created a social impact assessment platform called ACCOUNTABLE which ensures worker protection while giving customers a transparent look into factories.

Nisolo works in alignment with a 'circular fashion' approach and upcycles and recycles materials. 95% of their leather uppers originate from Leather Working Group Certified tanneries, which meet the highest standard of environmental responsibility in the industry. Their Shoe Reclamation Program is there to divert shoes from landfill and makes them available for reuptake into the system.

Solar panels are used on the roof of their Peru factory, and the goal is 0% carbon emissions through offsetting, for example through partnering with Ecosphere+ which invests in forest conservation.

Short & Long Term Benefits