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Triple Impact

triple impact

About The Product

impact on consumers

If you want your next phone case to leave no (harmful) trace behind - Pela's phone cases are just right for you! Pela makes 100% compostable phone cases, free of lead, cadmium, PBA and phthalates; made of a blend of biopolymers and Canadian Prairie flax shive, without compromising on design.

Pela's compostable phone cases are third-party certified compostable, so you can be sure their materials will turn into compost within less than a year and leave nothing but enriched soil behind - at least in an industrial composting facility. The time frame of breaking down can be a few years in a home-composting environment. However, that's nothing compared to the hundreds of years a conventional plastic case will be around - and then degrade into microplastics.

As more and more companies are focusing on producing less impactful products, it is our important job as consumers to do our part at their end of life. When you're "done" with your compostable phone case (or any other compostable product), make sure to actually leave it in a composting environment. It needs air, moisture and sunlight to break down properly and it will most likely not get these in a huge pile of landfill. Pela has its own program, Pela 360, where you can send your old phone case to - yes, even if it was plastic! Pela will take responsibility for it either getting recycled or composted.


impact on society

Pela was founded by a shocked father, finding his son digging up plastic rubbish while playing on the beach. This led to years of innovating to find new materials that are sturdy, look good, and can break down in soil. Pela radiates their passion for reducing waste in our world. Being b-certified and also part of 1% For the Planet are just some ways of how Pela shows accountability. Pela also is third-party certified climate neutral, meaning all emissions are measured and offset. It gives parts of every sale to ocean cleanup and preservation initiatives, and further donates to multiple partners.

Community, Creativity, Consciousness and Courage are the company's four core values, created to ensure the achievement of the ambitious mission of removing 1 billion pounds of plastic from the waste stream by 2028.

The team doesn't stop at being successful with their first innovative product, their phone cases. When taking a look at their newest projects, like the Lomi home-composter, or their popular personal care products, one gets an idea of just how actively the people behind the brand are searching for solutions to one of our biggest problems: waste. So far, tons of CO2, water and waste have been eliminated by people choosing Pela over standard alternatives. Multiple-wins we like!

Short & Long Term Benefits