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Triple Impact

triple impact

About The Product

impact on consumers

Reel’s toilet paper made from bamboo is better on the planet and better on your bum! The 3-ply, ‘ready biodegradable’ certified toilet paper comes completely plastic free. In fact, all shipping materials are biodegradable. The paper is sourced from protected, naturally grown bamboo plants in Southwestern China with the manufacturers having obtained FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. The company chose to source from and produce in China after careful consideration of which location would give the best opportunity to make a difference.

Bamboo makes for a super soft paper product, and it is naturally designed for highest strength!

The bamboo plants grow without pesticides or fertilizers and use 30% less water compared to hardwood trees. They also give out 35% more oxygen than trees! The stalks are converted into chips which are then boiled and bleached using chlorine-free bleach. After drying and pressing into plates, the rolls are formed and cut into the rolls that land in your bathroom!


impact on society

Toilets are expensive and use loads of water. This leaves 2 billion people with no access to a toilet. You might have never thought about this privilege, but having a toilet in your home protects you not only from odor and embarrassment, but from deadly disease.

When you buy a roll of Reel toilet paper, the company gives back through their partner SOIL. SOIL works in Haiti to design, test, and implement sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the sanitation crisis.

For every box sold, Reel donates $0.50 to SOIL. Additionally, the company also collects donations for their non-profit partner.

Short & Long Term Benefits