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Triple Impact

triple impact

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Sleep & Beyond has been in the business for over 30 years, and is an expert when it comes to providing their customers with super high-quality sleeping essentials.

From merino wool bedding products, to comforter and organic cotton duvet cover, you will do your health a favor. The products are tested to be free of carcinogenic chemicals, which shockingly, one could find in conventional bedding. A material we wrap around our bodies for a third of our life while we are sound asleep! GOTS, OEKO TEX, WOOLMARK and ISO certifications are just some examples of the large number of third-party guarantees granted to Sleep and Beyond.

The Merino and Shropshire wool is sourced from Sleep and Beyond's own sheep that are held in Kyrgyztan, where the animals can move around and graze freely in the mountains.

Sleep & Beyond

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You would probably know by now just how important quality sleep is for our health and cognitive function. Sleep is like a superpower and we spend about a third of our life sleeping! For this reason it is crucial to think about what we wrap ourselves into every single night. From bedding to mattress, the quality of the materials touching our skin for many hours per day have a huge impact on how we sleep.

Sleep & Beyond commits to 100% organic cotton, cruelty free wool, 5-10 years product guarantee and 'made with love' in one of their factories, aka 'Sleep & Beyond Gardens' located around the world.

The company employs and empowers women, and their Indian factory has been solar powered for several years. Zero-waste is a goal in the production, e.g. excess fabric will be turned into packaging. Overall, their packaging is fully recyclable and free of harsh chemicals. Fair trade wages are being paid to factory workers, and good working conditions are provided.

Additionally, for each product sold, Sleep & Beyond gives 5% to charity.

Short & Long Term Benefits