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Triple Impact

triple impact

About The Product

impact on consumers

Tru Earth developed hypoallergenic, biodegradable laundry detergent strips that are sensitive on your skin and on our waterways. The laundry sheets with detergent are made in Canada under stringent health regulations.

While still working powerfully, the laundry sheets with detergent come completely plastic-free, and reduce pollution from the transportation of your laundry detergent by whooping 94% due to their light weight and slim size.

The strips are certified free of animal products, parabens, phopshpates, chlorine, 1,4-dioxan and dyes. One sheet = one wash. No more messy measuring, and thus no more spillage of laundry detergent. You will also save a lot of storage space with the super thin stripes. The strips work with all machines: top loader, front loader and industrial machines!

At Hopskotch, we're not about making eco-conscious consumers feel guilty, but empowering consumers to make choices that have an impact. We're about raising awareness that we do have a choice, and we can make a difference by voting with every purchase. So let this sink in: if everyone switched to using laundry sheets with detergent instead of standard laundry detergent, we could eliminate one billion plastic jugs annually, and save fuel and CO2 equivalent of 27 million cars off the road for a whole day!

So much for the power of impact customers and impact brands acting in alignment - definitely enough power to change the world!

Tru Earth

impact on society

Tru Earth was founded by a dad who was frustrated about the huge amounts of plastic waste being displayed in kids shows. With the desire to do something about it, and fueled by his serial entrepreneur friend, the idea of Tru Earth was developed, tested and soon became super popular!

The company's values are simplicity, empowerment and integrity. And those values resonate with Hopskotch and the impact brand mentality:

'We believe [...] small actions add up to big changes. We're not perfect and we're not asking anyone else to be. We all have the power to choose. As our company grows we will keep the close sense of family that we started with. We will never compromise our values or cut corners to reduce costs. We will not shortchange the environment to make a profit. We will be transparent about production and ingredients. We will never shame anyone or make people feel bad about their choices, we will simply work to provide eco-friendly products that work.' Tru Earth

Several of Tru Earth's own projects have been set in motion, usually in collaboration with other change-makers. For example, the team-up with tentree.

So far, in just over two years of operating, the company has already donated 9.7 million loads of laundry to groups in need. The total sales of laundry sheets amounts up to over 4.7 million plastic jugs from being bought and potentially from ending up in a landfill or ocean. On top of that, the transportation emissions of Tru Earth sheets is about 97% less compared to your usual detergent, which is much more bulky and heavy.

Short & Long Term Benefits